Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shortcut to Learning Guitar Chords Part-1

Here is the 1st post of my Shortcut to Learning Guitar Chords.

I am not also saying my method is exclusively mine -- I'm sure there's a lot of people out there who had the same question as mine when they were beginning and somehow, somewhere, somebody has figured out the same method as mine. I still have to see something like it though.

What I'm after:
- Get you started playing the guitar as quickly as possible
- Teach you how to figure out hundred of Guitar Chords without memorizing from Chord Charts
- Enable you to jam to songs you like, faster

What I won't teach you:
- Detailed guitar and music theory (this kind of tutorial is flooding in the internet)
- How to play lead guitar, etc (also, this kind of tutorial is flooding in the internet)
- How to tune your guitar (find someone to, or again, search the internet)

What I will do for you:
- Show you how to derive Chords; with enough practice, you'll be doing it real time!

What I won't do for you:
- Practice for you. I'll show you, you practice. That's the core of it all. You have to practice to develop your hands and guitar playing will become as easy as writing. I'll show you, you do nothing -- you'll get to nothing. As simple as that.

You should at least know the following (note: I provided hyperlinks, clicking on them will redirect you to other websites. You wont need to read very detailed; simply skim read and come back).

- The basic parts of the the guitar. You'd need to know the parts so we can understand each other. ( Keypoint: "headstock", "neck", "fret", "inlays","body" and "tuning pegs")

- How the fretboard works. You should know what the fretboard is by now if you have read about the basic parts of the guitar. (Keypoint: the name of the strings "EADGBe" -- know where they are; meaning of the "dots" or "inlays" in the fretboard.)

- How to hold the guitar. I figure it should be common sense, but you can read if you want.

- How the guitar strings are pressed with your fingers. Well, common sense should dictate you press it with the tips of your fingers. But go on, just read. Do note that some extremely talented people do use feet! See example1 & example2. You may use your feet if you want to.