Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shortcut to Learning Guitar Chords Part-3


You should know how to read chord names so you still can read from the chord charts. This concept is standard, we're talking about terminology used in standard music, not only used here exclusively in my tutorial.

Let's take C chord as example. You can pretty much interpolate to other chords:

C - C major; sometimes symbolized as CM
Cm - C minor
C7 - read as it is, C-seven
C# - C-sharp
Cb - C-flat
Csus - C-sustained

The chord names may be combined, like:

CM7 - C Maj seven; sometimes symbolized as CMaj7
Cm7 - C Minor seven; sometimes symbolized as Cmin7
C#m - C Sharp minor
C#m7 - C Sharp minor seven

Got it? You could sure could think of other combination. I haven't seen anything like minor-sustained though. You'll realize when we finished this tutorial.