Friday, September 10, 2010

Faithful Love Music Sheet

It's a little more than a year since I posted the tabs for Faithful Love. I've been quite busy with MUTE, had 2 major gigs since, and only about a month ago that I went out looking again for descent documentation of that classic Faithful Love. Nothing, still.

Sure enough, there are mistakes. Part-2 is wrong.

So I did it all over again, in Sheet Music + tab pdf. Better, huh! You can download the Sheet Musics from the links below.

I must say much more can be done to make it better. First and foremost, I still need to transcribe the keyboards and rhythm parts. The guitar tabs need some more refining, but the bass tabs is as good as it gets for me- I transcribed it using WIDI Recognition System, so I don't think much could be done to make it better. It likewise has thumbs-up from ArmanB (MUTE's bassist).

So here it is, enjoy!


Faithful Love (D.Holmer) Guitar Sheet Music by jesiu


Faithful Love (D.Holmer) Bass Sheet Music by jesiu

Why the fascination with this piece of music? I don't know. I can't call it fascination, except that I'm a little bit apprehensive why this piece we call ours, and considering a million Filipino guitarists out there who are much better than I am, never bothered to formally document it. My thinking is, if no one does, then do it.

So I am trying. That said, please forgive my mistakes in the tablatures if any. I am going to refine this piece's Sheet Music as my time allows, and as my notation skills develop (I'm not good at it, really). Drop me an email for any question or correction, or even just comments.

Keep on tabbing!