Wednesday, July 17, 2013


How are you all?

Well, I know I have not posted for sometime. I've been too busy the past few months. That does not mean this blog is dead though. Honestly, I've been mulling about moving this blog to Wordpress, as it offers few more features that I need in this blog for the benefit of you, the readers.

First and foremost, Wordpress offers direct upload and download of files, which blogspot don't provide (as I know). What we have been doing is to use third-party file sharing sites like docstoc. I find it cumbersome logging on and off in different sites, I suppose it's kind of annoying to some readers too.

I did had new materials but I refrained from posting, because if I do decide to move to Wordpress I'd have more materials to move. I hope you bear with me for having not posted for sometime.

I'm in the stage of deciding which material to move, and what's the best layout to afford large format pictures - large format pictures will surely make me able to feature more tutorials in the blog, like the TuxGuitar tutorial I promised many months ago but I withheld; I withheld because blogspot only allow smaller sizes of pics, kind of thumbnail but bigger and viewable, but not readable; will need to click to zoom, then click again to unzoom. Tutorials discussing User Interfaces will require you to read small characters, not only view picture. The click-to-zoom & click-to-unzoom thing is incovenient.

Not that I don't like blogger, is great, just that there's some features google (owner) could have provided to make the lives of users a little bit better.

I may keep this blog site as is, but new posts will only feature links. See ya!